Hostage Marketing

I just finished watching the Bourne Ultimatum. Prior to the movie starting several hundred of “us” “consumers” were bombarded with advertisement after advertisement–most still, some animated, some filmed. We certainly were a captive audience. But many of us certainly were not engaged. This type of marketing is the epitome of hostage marketing.

I distinctly remember one advertisement, which was for Bionic Woman, a forthcoming NBC television show. Was I creeped out a bit being forced to watch the ad? You bet. Arguably, I guess I could have left the theatre for some popcorn; but then I’d have lost my awesome seat.

Thus, I was a hostage.

And my brand-affinity for this new show is tagged to the open-your-mouth-while-I-force-feed-this-message-down-your-throat-so-you-WILL-digest-this-and-visit-me-in-the-fall experience. Although I’ve always wanted to visit Stockholm, I don’t think I’ll make any loving imprints on this show.

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