Satisfied customers are more loyal than delighted customers

This research paper focusing on the hotel industry indicates that although delighted customers have generally positively views of brands, a satisfied customer will more likely take action supportive of loyalty marketing constructs (i.e., actually book a return trip) because they have an emotional connection to the brand. Thus, the researchers suggest that marketers focus on loyalty programs that seek to instill positive emotional experiences with the brand. Such mechanics go beyond baseline experiences like prompt response times, meaningful communications, knowing where a customer is in the life-cycle of a transaction, and extend to activities that prompt a positive emotional response (like receiving a handwritten thank you card).

One thought on “Satisfied customers are more loyal than delighted customers”

  1. In real estate, building such ‘loyalty’ is all about doing the proper follow up. Closing the transaction in a memorable way (which for us, includes sending a gift) and continuing to follow up even after it has been closed is key in bringing referrals and continued business from clients.

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