Google Chrome Cr-48 Notebook Chapter 1

Using a Chrome Cr-48 Notebook is a bit like skiing powder: it’s a little weird at first, if one is used to groomed slopes, but once you’re used to skiing in powder snow it’s a seriously cool experience.

Sublime. Zen.

These are the words I routinely use to describe my powder skiing experiences. Similarly, using a Chrome Cr-48 Notebook approaches these experiences. What I will focus on in Chapter 1 is the initial experience of getting started with the Chrome Cr-48 (which is very “un-Apple” in a fun way).

First, you receive a cool geek cardboard brown carrying case with a funky-cool graphic screened on the front…
…then you open the box and find a simple activation schema…

…then you unwrap the battery back from the bubble wrap and place it in the notebook and begin charging the battery…

…then you add stickers…

…then you join the Cloud.

Easy. And you’re “in”.

The first thing I realized using the Chrome Cr-48 was that I never fully worked “in the Cloud”. Rather, I have been operating as some type of Cloud-borg: half-in (operating in Google Apps word), half-out (using a notebook to do things such as load docs to “the Cloud”, rather than creating and storing files solely while working within “the Cloud”).

With the Chrome Cr-48, one must fully commit–there is no desktop/laptop option, per se. Consequently, I am completely rethinking file management, creation, access, and storage. And I must say I am loving the challenge, so much so, that when I use my “other” computer it feels like I’m skiing on 1960’s era wooden skis, rather than the modern fat Icelantic Nomads I use to surf the powder and carve it in the trees.

There have been interesting cases where I’ve had to redeploy “the old one” to execute a routine task: adding a dual monitor did not work on the Cr-48 (i.e., “no signal found” by the monitor, a known issue in the Chrome forum), and my Android phone was not recognized when I “mounted” it to the Cr-48 via the single USB port, another known issue in the Chrome forum). I’m sure I’ll find other bugs, but that’s part of the early-adopter life-cycle.

Regardless, the Cr-48 is easy to set up, easy to use, and seamlessly integrates with Enterprise Google Apps. Given this synergy, I feel my productivity has not taken a hit and in some cases has increased. I am really looking forward to the next chapters.

2 thoughts on “Google Chrome Cr-48 Notebook Chapter 1”

  1. Hi Eric, I too am a CR-48 Pilot in Chicago and enjoyed your article. My experience is similar to yours as I find myself using it more than my WinXp netbook.

  2. Gabe, thank you. I am slowly transitioning. It’s hard to “think” and “create” solely in the cloud. Thanks for your comment.

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