Web app versus native app, nexus with email marketing basics

Summary of three articles focusing on the battle over whether to deploy native apps or web-based apps and where email marketing fits in the mix.

Will mobile apps soon be dead? What’s not so black and white about the “native versus web app” debate? Each article makes great points relative to each side of the argument. The most prescient point, and one that I think will gain the most traction over the next few years, is the concept of hybrid apps; that is, web-based apps that leverage downloadable features.

App withdrawal? This article focuses on keeping a mobile strategy focused on business-building basics. And the “basic” the article chooses to focus on is: email marketing. The author makes a simple, salient point: ensure that any email campaign you execute is mobile viewable (including sites relying on outbound links from the source email). Email marketing may still be an ugly stepchild when compared her app sisters, but it still drives relatively high conversion metrics if properly deployed. The article includes great email-to-mobile marketing tactics.

Favorite quote from the articles:

“[F]or every ‘Angry Birds,’ there are 1,000 angry developers.”

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