Privacy considerations in mobile app development for real estate

Real estate mobile app developers, and the brokerages that deploy these apps, will gain a competitive advantage and consumer trust by adopting privacy aware best practices in their app development processes. As I detail here discussing a recent guidance document published by the California Attorney General, state and federal regulatory oversight will continue to increase with respect to privacy issues in mobile apps. Thus, brands that incorporate privacy best practices will more easily pass regulatory muster going forward. Similarly, as consumers become more aware as to how their personally identifiable information (PII) is shared, leased, and sold, they will trust brands that make privacy controls a priority, easily accessible, and understandable within mobile apps.

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8 Resources on Storytelling and Content Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Eight resources on storytelling and content marketing strategies and tactics:

  1. Altimeter Group “Content: The New Marketing Equation
  2. Wiki “Storytelling
  3. Extreme Content Marketing by Red Bull
  4. Gartner on Storytelling Marketing
  5. Barclay’s Storytelling Initiatives
  6. Five Tips for Storytelling Marketing
  7. Seven Tips on Integrating Storytelling Into Marketing Strategy 
  8. Hootsuite Advice on Storytelling

Big data corporate culture fosters success

According to this Harvard Business Review article, leveraging big data positions a company to make big revenue gains and achieve higher customer satisfaction. The HBR article noted five management challenges for those companies pursuing a data-driven decision making culture:

Simply having more data, better data does not necessarily make a company successful. Rather, companies that have leaders who know how to ask the right questions, set clear business objectives, have a clear vision, and facilitate a corporate culture that embraces data-driven decision making will thrive.

Talent management
Data scientist are an important team asset, but so are designers skilled at data visualization. Most importantly, data scientists and data artists must be comfortable “speaking the language of business and helping leaders reformulate their challenges in ways that big data can tackle.”

Firms will have to embrace open source software as a core component of their tech infrastructure and strategy.

Decision making
Cross-functional cooperation is key to success. Team members that know how to collaborate is important as well as team members who have requisite problem solving techniques.

Company culture
A data-driven company does not ask “What do we think?” Rather, it asks “What do we know?”

Are modern real estate brokerages in the data business and just happen to be selling real estate? This question is similar to how Zappos describes itself as being in the customer service business and just happens to sell shoes (and, now, many other types of products). Obviously, as a core element of long-term success, brokerages must deploy traditional means to empower a more delightful and meaningful home buying and selling experience for both its clients and agents. But when looking ahead will the most successful brokerages thrive when their systems and support infrastructure becomes more data-driven in addition to their leadership team becoming more data minded? I think the answer is yes.

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