Zero Moment of Trust Drives Brand Loyalty

Zero Moment of Trust is a critical factor in earning consumer respect and loyalty via your digital brand presence. Zero Moment of Trust is akin to Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), which is Google’s concept related to how consumers retrieve and process information via a digital device and make a purchasing decision therefrom. What trust indicators can you leverage across your Web and mobile brand presence to imbue a sense of trust when consumers interact with your brand? This presentation discusses the key trust indicators that you need to pay attention to when considering how your brand appears to consumers.

Digital marketing analytics overview

This lecture gives an overview of digital analytics. We explore core concepts, storytelling with analytics, cross-functional team development and support, social media analytics, mobile analytics, and consumer trust. I also introduce the concept of Zero Moment of Trust (which obviously relates to Google’s Zero Moment of Truth).

Primary source for the lecture: Digital Analytics Primer, written by Judah Phillips.