Ten Mobile User Experience Issues Affecting Your Brand


“Mobile first.” “Mobile only.” These are grand visions and mantras bandied about at industry conferences, consultancies, and within the confines of many brands’ marketing departments. What issues and implications ought a brand consider when undertaking an mobile-first initiative? What issues drive a consumer experience where the user truly is mobile-only in her mindset? How have brands like Burberry, Durex, Macy’s, Google, and Movistar leveraged mobile to create a mobile user experience that enhances their brand reputation with their targeted audiences? This lecture delves into these issues:

Some top considerations and implications discussed in the lecture:

  • Whether to design for HTML5 or native app
  • “Real time” personalization is becoming a consumer expectation
  • Native apps still give brands the most control over consumer experience
  • Consumer “experience” is more than a mantra, it’s a core value, a philosophy

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