Creating agile entrepreneurial teams promotes creativity and innovation

This Vanity Fair and Forbes article details how Microsoft stifled innovation in product design and development by using a rigid and hierarchical performance review process. Microsoft used a review process known as “stack ranking”, which forces each business unit designate a percentage of employees as top performers, good performers, average performers, and poor performers. Here’s what a … Continue reading “Creating agile entrepreneurial teams promotes creativity and innovation”

Creating and sustaining a culture of creativity within web-based services

This article from the International Journal of Design, gives a great overview of factors systems designers ought to account for when developing web-based services consumers use to create or co-develop products. As more services migrate to the “cloud”, user experience design is paramount to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. As examples of creative-driven web services … Continue reading “Creating and sustaining a culture of creativity within web-based services”

Creating a culture of participation while leveraging a culture of creativity and innovation

Previously I wrote about creating a culture of creativity and innovation. The salient points to remember in such an initiative are: foster a high level interaction, discussion, debate and have a leadership team that nurtures such an idea generating ecosystem. Related to this topic is a fascinating research article I found that focuses on creating … Continue reading “Creating a culture of participation while leveraging a culture of creativity and innovation”

Creativity Integrity and Brand Differentiation

Chris Brogan’s recent post challenges marketers to begin thinking of ways to use the social web to leverage traditional marketing expertise: Marketers, are you paying attention to who’s spending how much and where when you read magazines, watch TV, or see billboards? Are you extrapolating out what it means to you, your business, etc?…If you’re … Continue reading “Creativity Integrity and Brand Differentiation”

Creating a culture of creativity and innovation

Real estate firms need to realign, indeed rethink, their team culture and structure to keep abreast of rapidly evolving marketplace and competitive pressures. I touched on this topic last week on the “Content is King” panel I shared with Mr. Hahn at Inman Connect NYC. I certainly share his sentiments regarding developing a content strategy. … Continue reading “Creating a culture of creativity and innovation”

Swarm business / swarm creativity in real estate

Create value for the swarm. That is the overarching goal of a swarm business mindset. Swarm creativity embodies the passion that drives this goal, along with coolhunting as an adjunct exercise. Real estate, as an industry, seems well-poised to take advantage of swarm creativity. Nicholas G. Carr, of the explains the basics of swarm … Continue reading “Swarm business / swarm creativity in real estate”

How big data and statistical teams support brands that operate as media publishers and producers

David Armano of Edelman Digital, in this post, makes a compelling argument that brands will have to create and nurture internal team structures that resemble big media companies so as to deliver compelling and meaningful marketing in the future. In his post, Armano describes what he calls “the social-creative newsroom” and discusses how Oreo has incorporated … Continue reading “How big data and statistical teams support brands that operate as media publishers and producers”

Factors underpinning creative leadership and innovative leadership

What constitutes creative leadership? What constitutes innovative leadership? How do these factors–creativity and innovation–influence a firm’s competitive advantage? These two articles, IBM’s Capitalizing on Complexity and Organizational Creativity: Building a Business Ba-Haus?, provide interesting insights. In a previous post I discussed how firms can foster a culture of creativity and innovation. Innovative firms nurture the following: … Continue reading “Factors underpinning creative leadership and innovative leadership”

Speaking on visionary innovation

I have the pleasure of speaking at the GIL Silicon Valley innovation and leadership summit, hosted by Frost & Sullivan. My session focuses on developing an integrated IP focused organization, which relates to fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. Here is a list of core research I’ll discuss during my session: Democratizing Innovation (Eric Von … Continue reading “Speaking on visionary innovation”

Mobile app ecosystem allows real estate brokerages to deliver excellent consumer experiences

Over the last year or so there’s been an ongoing and well-publicized debate between proponents and opponents of real estate property listing aggregators and whether brokerages have ceded too much “control” over the consumer relationship to these entities. In my mind this is a debate with no clear winner and no clear loser, as both … Continue reading “Mobile app ecosystem allows real estate brokerages to deliver excellent consumer experiences”

Disruptive technology and its impact

The research article Demystifying Disruption: A New Model for Understanding and Predicting Disruptive Technologies delves into several topics related to understanding and predicting disruptive technologies. An interesting facet of the article is how it outlined three domains of disruption: technology disruption (when a new techology outperforms a dominant technology), firm disruption (when the market share of a … Continue reading “Disruptive technology and its impact”

Decentralized online social networks, spatial properties of location based social networks, and geo-social cascades research

Three papers for your geeky enjoyment (all .pdf): Online Social Networks: Status and Trends is a great summary of current research and opinions regarding the current and future status of social networking. Section five has an interesting discussion of decentralized online social networking services and applications. And here’s some excellent work, creativity, and analysis from … Continue reading “Decentralized online social networks, spatial properties of location based social networks, and geo-social cascades research”

Customer loyalty and employee engagement

To what extent does employee loyalty and commitment to a brand drive overall customer loyalty? This research paper (.pdf) tackles that question and concludes that employee attitudes toward their company have a high degree of impact on customer loyalty. What the authors essentially argue is that fostering a corporate environment that espouses a unique and … Continue reading “Customer loyalty and employee engagement”

Sustainable innovation and excellence in product development

In this MIT Sloan School of Management lecture on sustaining innovation, the CEO of W.L. Gore & Associates, Terri Kelly, has some great insights on how creative knowledge environments drive profitability. W.L. Gore is a diverse and innovative company, creating products ranging from GORETEX to surgical devices. Kelly stresses to give your team the right … Continue reading “Sustainable innovation and excellence in product development”

Innovation and the future of corporate R&D

This New York Times article on how corporations can foster innovation within their R&D departments by adopting decentralized (i.e., “federated”) approaches to funding and team structure, spurred me to conduct some research regarding this topic; here are two great finds: TED conference speech by Charles Leadbeater on outside-in innovation and how this type of “innovation-in-use” … Continue reading “Innovation and the future of corporate R&D”

Real estate industry innovation…some considerations

What is innovation? How does one recognize it? Will I know it when I see it? Wikipedia says: The term innovation means a new way of doing something. It may refer to incremental, radical, and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. A distinction is typically made between invention, an idea made manifest, and … Continue reading “Real estate industry innovation…some considerations”

List of social web resources 4-17-2009

I’m starting something new this week. My goal is to compile a weekly short list of quality resources about blogging, social networks, and social media coolness. Blogging: The FutureBuzz is one of the finest blogs I’ve found discussing how to market your blog and blog posts. Adam Singer, really takes the time to dig deep … Continue reading “List of social web resources 4-17-2009”

Compendium of Web and Social Media Research

Crowdsourcing and data mining concepts Analyzing blog comments Applying Common Identity and Bond Theory to Design of Online Communities Brand/crowdsourcing Blog data mining Changing consumer values Crowds Hives Mobs Swarms Detecting invisible relevant persons in a homogeneous social network Empirical basis for social networks, small world phenom Expressions of Emotion in Text Folksonomies in social … Continue reading “Compendium of Web and Social Media Research”

Crowds, Hives, Mobs, and Swarms

Here is a great article discussing intriguing concepts in consumer innovation. With the diffusion of networking technologies, collective consumer innovation is taking on new forms that are transforming the nature of consumption and work and, with it, society and marketing[.] The authors argue that marketers should redefine “consumer” as an individual belonging to various creative/collaborative … Continue reading “Crowds, Hives, Mobs, and Swarms”

Social media and Obama victory

The New York Times has a great read on how Obama embraced social media to help win the election. Thomas Jefferson used newspapers to win the presidency, F.D.R. used radio to change the way he governed, J.F.K. was the first president to understand television…Senator Barack Obama understood that you could use the Web to lower … Continue reading “Social media and Obama victory”

Brand considerations in social media marketing

This paper argues that allowing consumers to “co-create” or “co-author” products–i.e., directly engaging and encouraging consumers to participate in new product development processes–taps vast wells of creativity while exploiting certain cost efficiencies in terms of labor. Similarly, this paper explores how Web 2.0 will fundamentally (has fundamentally) changed the manner by which companies must brand … Continue reading “Brand considerations in social media marketing”

SXSW output

SXSW update: Since this is my first SXSW since 1990, I’ve had to re-orient myself to the pace and orgiastic creativity of the scene. Thus, no long posts on the relevancy of this year’s SXSW to the real estate industry until I’ve had a chance to digest properly. Nevertheless, here are the salient take-aways, as … Continue reading “SXSW output”